Review: Lomography LomoChrome Metropolis 100-400 (Tokyo Edition)

Hello, everybody! It’s been a couple of months now since I have left Tokyo in order to live elsewhere. It’s not easy to say goodbye to a place that I called home for more than a decade or 12 years to be exact. All the preparation and expenses made me stressed but at least my daughter might be happier here in our new home. I think it is fitting that I dedicate this post to Tokyo, an amazing city that had been part of my family’s life. Please enjoy this little article.


The Lomography LomoChrome Metropolis 100-400 (Tokyo Edition) is a limited-edition film made with the collaboration of Kitamura Camera in Japan a few years ago. As the name implies, it’s a variable-ISO film which means it can be used within the specified range and you will still be able to get good results which makes this a very forgiving film to shoot with. You can rate it however you want so long as you don’t stray too far from the recommended range. This is probably a repackaged Lomography Metropolis 100-400 since I could not see any difference with shooting both films. Maybe they just want to get rid of inventory that’s been sitting in the warehouse for years, I don’t know.

Unlike Lomography’s normal line of hipster films this one comes with a premium aluminum tin. Packaging is important for sales and brand-image and they went all-out this time. Do not be fooled by the pictures on the box, you’ll only get these results if you’ve shot the film under the right conditions and I will show you how you can get it or at least understand how this film behaves. There is a slight difference when you use it at different speeds and only at certain conditions.