Repair: Nikkor-H•C 5cm f/2 LTM (collapsible)

Hello, everybody! I was watching some Culture Club MTV’s a few moments ago. I recalled how I was confused by Boy George’s persona back in the 1980s when I first saw them. It’s a time when the division between genders was clearer and homosexuality was looked at with either contempt or exoticness. Ziggy Stardust sure was different but Boy George was unique and he took it to the next level. I will admit that I admired him because of how he carried himself, he was elegant, classy and smart on his appearances on TV. I loved how he sang in Live Aid and all that ’80s thing. My confused young mind turned him into a big inspiration as to how I carry myself, I wasn’t afraid to wear what I want in school despite looking like a weirdo. That edginess actually attracted the opposite sex because girls saw me as a bad boy. If only I knew who had a crush on me then I would have chosen who to marry earlier on. Before I share too much about my private life on the net for my wife to read I will talk about a lens that confused me at first, is it a Zeiss or a Leitz? It’s neither, it is a unique lens as much as how Boy George is a unique individual and we will never see another quite like him again. Read my article to find out what lens this is.


The Nikkor-H•C 5cm f/2 is definitely Nikon’s most popular rangefinder lens. This lens was made in several version including the Nikkor-H.C 5cm f/2 for the Nikon S-mount, and the rigid Nikkor-H.C 5cm f/2 (Leica Thread Mount) which has the ability to focus-down to 1.5ft (un-coupled). The topic of our article is the collapsible version (Leica Thread Mount). The Nikon S-mount (collapsible) version is similar to this except for the mount so you can see this lens as almost-identical to it from a historical or engineering context. Both were saw a brief (parallel) production run and both are now expensive and rare. The S-mount lens can sell for an exhorbitant price and is highly-desirable. This one is a bit cheaper but the price can still easily go above the $400 mark at the very least. I just got lucky and found a cheap one for much less than that.

IMG_1089The Nikkor-H•C 5cm f/2 (collapsible) is a handsome lens. Many people will mistake it for a Leitz optic for obvious reasons. The quality of the machining is top-notch and it reminds me of the time when things were hand-made in small quantities and each part was made to fit the opposing part. The fit is exceptional, almost to the quality of Zeiss but not quite. Zeiss is the king when it comes to quality and precision, Leica is not far behind in quality but they will never match their quality until much later after they made the Leica M3. It’s a nice machine but I would say that the Zeiss Ikon Contax IIa is a better machine when it comes to engineering quality. More

Review: Fujifilm Venus 800 (pt 2)

Hello, everybody! Happy Spring to you! It’s hay fever season here again in Japan and for those who know me personally or for those who have been following this blog for some time now you will know that this is the season where I feel like a wet towel because of all that hay fever medication. The good thing is Spring in Japan is beautiful and the colors of the season is a delight for photographers compared to the drab brown-and-grey tones of Winter. This means that it’s time for me to shoot photos of people dressed in colorful and beautiful clothes and I now have a new favorite film for portraiture.


Let’s continue with our Fujifilm Venus 800 series. In part 1 I showed you photos that I am used to taking, photos that people usually associate with me if you have been following me and my blog. Pictures that were taken in the night with a fast lens in an Asian setting where neon and tungsten contrasts with the darkness of the night, making for a difficult scene to meter when shooting with film. That type of photography may not be available to everybody who reads my blog and it may just not be for everyone so I’m going to show you a more common application of this film – available light photography in the shade or at least in a scene that’s not lit artificially.

FH000035You have seen similar photos in part 1 where I talked about shooting with this film in the dark. Now, I am going to show you how this film performs in a different situation so you can have a better grasp of how this film works in most situations. More