Repair: Nikkor-Q 135mm f/2.8

Hello, everybody! I was busy with so many things lately so it took me awhile to update this blog but don’t worry, we are going back to our regular schedule in the following weeks.


There are very few Nikkors that can match The Nikkor-Q 135mm f/2.8 when it comes to the cost/performance ratio. These lenses can be had for as little as $10 these days for a worn junker and may fetch as high as $100 for a mint ai-converted sample.

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Repair: Helicoids

Hello, everybody! Sorry for not posting anything last week, I was really busy working on a TV commercial for the past couple of days. Long days and working on weekends are normal for me now until we send the shots to the client. I am going to assure you that we will go back to our regular schedule as soon as all this is done.


Helicoids are essential for focusing a manual lens. While it is a joy yo focus with one, it is a big pain to repair for beginners and it can really be a show-stopper if you do not know how and where these things should mate when reassembling a lens.

IMG_1160Helicoids are a thing of the past for the AF (autofocus) generation but for connoisseurs like us who enjoy and appreciate older (or current) manual focus lenses, the helicoid is the soul of the lens when it comes to focusing because this is the one thing that affects us the most as we turn the focus ring left and right. More