Repair: Nikon Bayonet Screws (Video)

Hello, Everybody! Spring is here! It is definitely getting warmer and while that is definitely good news, the bad news is hay fever is also in season! I suffer from hay fever just like many people living here in Japan. While we are on the topic of suffering and agony, I would I am going to discuss something today that affects many, if not all people who try to work with Japanese lenses when they started and many get frustrated by this and simply quit.

IMG_1483Invest on a pair of really good JIS screwdrivers! I always mention this but people keep on forgetting. You won’t need anything fancy, just buy the right screwdrivers! VESSEL only! More

Repair: Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2

What’s up, everybody? I am loving the weather now because Spring is nearly here! Here in Japan, we will celebrate the Spring Equinox next week. I’m sure glad that the seasons come and go every year. Speaking of cycles, there are times when I would service a lens and feel I have worked on something similar to it before. This is one of those, read on.


I would like to introduce to you the Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2 lens! If that sounded familiar to you long-time readers it is because this is the predecessor of the New-Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens that we have tackled a little more than a year ago. This lens is mostly the same as its successor optically but the focusing unit (lens barrel) is of the earlier Auto-Nikkor era look. The focusing distance has been improved by a little bit on the newer lens and some curvature, spacing and Roland Vink even suspected that the materials for the glass might even be improved. These are minor updates so for all intents and purposes you can think of these lenses as similar optically. I personally prefer the vintage look and the all-metal construction of this lens. I was looking for something similar to this lens but with the Ai update but I have different sets of priorities now so I will forget about hunting for this lens for now.

img_2697Here is the Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2 together with the New-Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens. You can say that the later lens is simply a cosmetic update of the earlier one and I would agree with you on that observation. They both handle the same, which is excellent.

Repair: Nikon S2 Front Overhaul

Hi, everybody! I was considering skipping this weekend so I can rest, since I did a report on CP+ 2017 last week I feel that I can wait for next week until I publish a an article that I’m currently writing. I do listen to my readers and friends, there was a considerable interest on this week’s subject so I decided to write this instead and publish it this weekend. You guys know how much you mean to me so I can’t object.


I was looking for a Nikon S2 and I found this one from Sankyo Camera. The camera was sold to me as a set with a Nikkor-H.C 5cm f/2 attached to it. They gave me the best price so far and I got a camera that I always wanted but it has a few issues that has to be resolved. It was fated that this camera ended up with me because it requires a CLA.


This is the camera. It looks nice despite its age and I got it for a nice price. It has a few issues and I will tackle some of them in this short article. If you’re keen on learning more about the Nikon S2, please read this article.
The Nikon S2 is tough, reliable and a fun to use, it also has Nikon’s brightest rangefinder. The handling is a bit quirky, it has separate dials for slow and fast shutter speeds and you’ll have to sync them together before you can use it at the correct speed while switching from slow to fast speeds. You’ll need to reset the film counter manually every time you load film but the advance is automatic. This was sold in the mid 1950s and it was designed a couple of years earlier so this was probably the best that Nikon had. Even with all the annoying quirks, the Nikon S2 is a big leap from it’s predecessor and is said to be the best Nikon rangefinder to use in terms of ease and simplicity.