Repair: Nikon Bayonet Screws (Video)

Hello, Everybody! Spring is here! It is definitely getting warmer and while that is definitely good news, the bad news is hay fever is also in season! I suffer from hay fever just like many people living here in Japan. While we are on the topic of suffering and agony, I would I am going to discuss something today that affects many, if not all people who try to work with Japanese lenses when they started and many get frustrated by this and simply quit.

IMG_1483Invest on a pair of really good JIS screwdrivers! I always mention this but people keep on forgetting. You won’t need anything fancy, just buy the right screwdrivers! VESSEL only!

I made this blog and maintain it continuously despite my busy schedule with work and my family so that nobody will ever have to through this sad and frustrating stage. My goal is to make this blog ever so popular that eventually no more Nikkors will be harmed by people who want to start getting into this.

Now, I wrote important articles on the fundamentals of lens repair to help educate people on what I think is best to help prevent a beginner from ruining his first lens repair but it seems that people just don’t read these and just browse past my warnings and get into my lens teardown thinking that this is some routine DIY adventure – IT IS NOT.

Anyway, here are the blog posts on the fundamentals:

I also thought that people will also understand the concepts better if there is a video of the process because it illustrates it better than pictures. Here is the video below:

Please don’t mind my speech and humour because hay fever and Jägermeister do not go well together. Also note that I burned part of the paint of the aperture ring while I was heating it. I was in an awkward position and I cannot see very well without my glasses. This is the sort of thing that can easily happen when you are not careful so I hope that this will serve as a warning to you. Botching up a repair is this easy. All in the name of education!

Again, please read my post on the fundamentals again. I will have to  revise these articles one day because they were written some 2 years ago to update it with new things that I had accumulated in the past 2 years. Again, please read them!

Thank you very much and I hope that you enjoyed the video. Some people actually find my blog entertaining, I am not sure what they meant by that but at least one person messaged me on facebook that he found my crude humour funny and witty. I hope that you share this so that this will reach more people and hopefully prevent WW3 or a divorce from occurring due to the frustration one gets when the screw’s head is stripped.

Help Support this Blog:

Maintaining this blog requires money to operate. If you think that this site has helped you or you want to show your support by helping with the upkeep of this site, you can simple make a small donation to my account ( Money is not my prime motivation for this blog and I believe that I have enough to run this but you can help me make this site (and the companion facebook page) grow.

Helping support this site will ensure that this will be kept going as long as I have the time and energy for this. I would appreciate it if you just leave out your name or details like your country and other information so that the donations will totally be anonymous it is at all possible. This is a labor of love and I intend to keep it that way for as long as I can. Ric.


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