Repair: Nikon S (Part 1)

Hello, everybody! How have you been? It’s been a long time since I published anything, I have been really busy at work writing code for our new motion-capture pipeline at the company. The current one was too complicated and the code was too bloated so the guy I am working with couldn’t maintain it. I was tasked to write some new tools with Python and I suggested to make the code simpler. In a production environment the decision to go simple is a wise one because if things go wrong things can easily be fixed and you can also expand your program when you need to. I used to work more on the creative side as an artist so I know what should work and won’t. I drew this inspiration from Nikon and I will show you one example in today’s article where this philosophy was implemented!


This series is going to be special because we are going to talk about the Nikon S! This is a very special camera because this camera is Nikon’s first 35mm camera design. It’s just an update of the Nikon I / Nikon M models that came earlier and you can consider them to be the same camera in most respects because the differences aren’t that great. This is the camera that started it all for Nikon and it can be considered as one of the most important Japanese camera design ever. Many “experts” consider this to be a clone of the venerable Zeiss Contax 2 camera but I will show you that that’s not really the case in this series and I will also make a video about that so please watch it later in this article!

IMG_7756The Nikon S is a very sexy camera. The straight lines give it a brutalist profile and it gives this camera very solid feel in the hand. Its heft also gives you the added confidence to use slower speeds than usual because the weight will somehow give your setup stability. This is a serious tool for professionals and it earned its reputation in the harsh Korean winter fighting during the Korean war. I can confidently say that you can maul a person with a well-placed whack to the face with the bottom of this camera. Yes, I am serious.


Shopping: Nitto Camera Part 2 (Nakano)

Hello, everybody! I hope you guys remembered the article that I made last year about a certain camera shop called Nitto Camera? While the article sounded sad because the old man running the business was considering retirement he did gave us a little bit of hope because he mentioned that he may open another shop nearby if he found a good place. It is with the greatest pleasure that I will announce to you that he has indeed opened up a new store and it’s not too far from the old place. Please spend a little bit of your time and read what the new shop is all about and if you are in town, please drop them a visit! This shop is underrated by many people and some would even poo-poo it because it’s a small shop that’s situated near the big-name-shop in Nakano called Fuhiya Camera. I love both shops and I will highly recommend that you visit both shops if you are in the area or else your pilgrimage to Nakano will be half-assed! Let’s go and visit the NEW Nitto Camera!

IMG_8639The new shop doesn’t have a storefront because it’s inside this unassuming building. You will have to go inside the IFO building and take the elevator to reach the new shop at the 8th floor (#801). It’s kind of out-of-the-way so you will have to use a little bit of effort just to get there but don’t worry, it’s all worth it once you get there.


Report: The 22nd World’s Used Camera Fair

Hello, guys! We just had the 22nd World’s Used Camera Fair held in Shibuya last May. I didn’t go there at the first day because I was busy at work and quite frankly, I don’t want to spend too much these days. It was held by the Imported Camera Society (I.C.S.). They  hold similar events every season and they have been doing this for years. I come to these regularly not just for the shopping but more to meet and say hi to the shop owners or the clerks that I interact with and eventually formed a friendly relationship with. Come with me and let’s see what was going on last May 24-29 at Shibuya!

IMG_8654This is the entrance to the bazaar. I cannot stand the horde of shoppers at the opening so I decided to come during the weekend. There has also been an influx of Chinese buyers from mainland China (P.R.C.) lately and seeing how they behave is something that I want to avoid as much as possible. As you can see in the picture, it’s much more relaxed and I won’t have to squeeze my way just to see something. More