Repair: Micro-Nikkor-P 55mm f/3.5 Auto

Hello, everybody! Did you miss me? I sure missed you. I am currently very busy at work and it is taking a toll on my body, in fact I had to take a rest yesterday because I’m just so tired. I’m currently heading 3 projects because I am a versatile employee. Being versatile is good because you can be useful but being versatile also means that your skills are kind of spread thin. This is a common problem if you’re not a specialist before you acquired a second skill. In my case, I’m a specialist at the technical side of the business and the other things that I do are things that I happen to know enough of to make big decisions for the company. If I were to be a Nikkor, which lens would I be? We will see.


Today, I will show you one of the most versatile lens designs that made it into production and became so successful that it spawned copycats and a legacy that lasts to this day when it came to the essence of the idea – the awesome Micro-Nikkor-P 55mm f/3.5 lens!

img_3042I really love this lens, the all-metal construction is tough and the ergonomics are perfect! You can’t get any simpler than this and this lens is so practical that it’s still relevant today as a general-purpose normal lens. This lens spawned copies from other manufacturers in it’s day from rival companies all the way to small obscure brands. It is a successful design! More


Repair: Nikkor-Q 20cm f/4

Hello, everybody! 2016 has been a crazy year for a lot of people, for me it was a stressful year because my beautiful assistant is working off-site so I have to do the job of 2 people at the studio. It was also a year wherein we lost the likes of Bowie, George Michael and other important ’80s pop icons. This made me feel old because I grew up listening to New Wave and other ’80s pop and rock. Thankfully, just like the loud electronic rhythms of yesteryears there is one thing that is slowly getting a revival – Classic Nikkors. Amongst these Classic Nikkors is something that I consider somewhat to be a hidden gem when it came to the cost/performance ratio – the Nikkor 20cm f/4!


This lens is part of a very historical lens family and is the lens that is succeeded by the lens that we talked about in this blog post. Although there are many similarities between this and the Nikkor-Q 200mm f/4 lens, the Nikkor-Q 20cm f/4 is made very differently. There are numerous differences in the lens barrel’s engineering that you can consider this barrel design to be totally different.

img_2868Here is my collection of Nikon’s 200 f/4 primes. All of them were bought as junks and were restored during my spare time. These comprise all of the major cosmetic variants for this lens line and we will have a guide for each of these one of these days. More