Report: The 22nd World’s Used Camera Fair

Hello, guys! We just had the 22nd World’s Used Camera Fair held in Shibuya last May. I didn’t go there at the first day because I was busy at work and quite frankly, I don’t want to spend too much these days. It was held by the Imported Camera Society (I.C.S.). They  hold similar events every season and they have been doing this for years. I come to these regularly not just for the shopping but more to meet and say hi to the shop owners or the clerks that I interact with and eventually formed a friendly relationship with. Come with me and let’s see what was going on last May 24-29 at Shibuya!

IMG_8654This is the entrance to the bazaar. I cannot stand the horde of shoppers at the opening so I decided to come during the weekend. There has also been an influx of Chinese buyers from mainland China (P.R.C.) lately and seeing how they behave is something that I want to avoid as much as possible. As you can see in the picture, it’s much more relaxed and I won’t have to squeeze my way just to see something.IMG_8655Here we have our friends from Sankyo Camera. They always occupy the left-side near the entrance of every fair. They’re one of my favorite shops and I highly recommend them,

IMG_8656Here’s more from Sankyo Camera. I went on a Saturday because the prices are cheaper. I am cheap so every Yen I save counts. This stand has some Nikon and Leica stuff.

IMG_8657Here’s the other end of the stand where we have some more exotic offerings. The Rolleis there were really tempting but I just don’t collect them so I just skipped them this time.

IMG_8658This sections has some Nikkors and other Japanese stuff. I wanted to take closer pictures but I don’t want to make the staff feel awkward.

IMG_8659Here’s the other side of the counter at the previous picture. There are some Zeiss lenses I can spot from here and a couple of Nikkors at the lower shelves. I would like to buy a few Zeiss lenses like the Biogon and Tessar but they’re not my priority at the moment.

IMG_8660Here’s the Shuko Camera part of the fair. I will visit them tomorrow at Ueno and see if I can find something good. They have some good deals occasionally.

IMG_8661The feeling is much more relaxed during a Saturday. People can talk with the clerks in a more relaxed manner.

IMG_8662I was eyeing that Leica M4-2 because the price is kind of reasonable. While the camera is kind of affordable, the lenses are another story. Their prices are way too inflated for my preference. If I want a German lens that performs just as well then I’ll just go Zeiss!

IMG_8663Here is ms. Shimagami from Fotoborse. I used to call and visit her when I was working at the Shinjuku area. The shop where she works at is kind of out-of-the-way but it’s worth a visit if you are a Carl Zeiss or Contax fan.

IMG_8664The lenses with the yellow labels at the lower end of the picture are made by M.S. Optics. It’s a small workshop manned by a single person and he makes very-limited production lenses under his own name and brand. You can’t get any more hipster than that!

IMG_8666I have always wanted a Zeiss Contaflex. I will own one some day as soon as I figured out which one is the better version for repairs and use. Rolleis are great but are just priced a bit too high for my taste. Unless they’re made by Nikon,  I won’t spend more than $200 on anything! You got to specialize on something, right?

That’s it for this report! The next bazaar will be on August 15 and it will last until the 21st at Shinjuku so please come and visit them if you have the time!

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