CP+ 2017

Hello, everybody! I took a leave from work today to cover CP+ 2017 for my readers. I had to wake up early today because CP+ 2017 also coincides with the used camera bazaar by ICS in Ginza. I went there first and then quickly made my way to Yokohama for CP+ 2017. If you’ve been following me for more than a year, you will remember that I covered CP+ 2016 of last year. What’s new this year? Well, nothing much to be honest. It looks and feels the same every single year. This is Japan’s version of Photokina wherein new products are showed to the public and international brands come to Japan to sell theirs here. There are plenty of newcomers but it usually consists of the usual big boys in the Japanese camera industry.

img_3413Nikon’s booth is yellow as usual. There’s nothing new in terms of layout and I hope they’ll change that next year so that we’ll see something new next time in terms of presentation and activities. Nikon has been very conservative all this time and that attitude has allowed others to leapfrog them in many things.

img_3412Here, mr. Abe is giving a talk about Nikon’s newer lenses. He is a regular in Nikon’s events so you will see him all the time. For a moment, I thought I was looking at an Iron Chef but it’s just my imagination. I was hungry.

One of Nikon’s 100th anniversary offering is this set of trinity lenses along with Nikon’s D5 and D500 cameras in gun metal finish. They did this with the Nikon F5 more than a decade ago and those cameras can be had for cheap these days. Let’s see what else Nikon will give us in the coming months. I am optimistic, will they reissue the Nikon F? Who knows?

Pentax usually has lots of new things to show as well at CP+. Last year it was the amazing Pentax K-1 camera and this year it’s the Pentax K-P. True to the Pentax pedigree, their new camera looks ugly but works surprisingly well but unfortunately they will not be selling a kitlens along with it. No worries, you can use older K-mount lenses with it anyway but the compatibility will be limited somewhat unlike the F-mount where you can use most of the lenses made by Nikon for it since it’s inception.

This year, I spent more time in the Sigma and Tamron booths because they have more new things to show than Nikon or any of the big names like Canon or Sony during CP+ annually. Quite sad but Tokina has been quite silent in the past couple years. I tried most of Sigma’s new lenses and all I can say is that they are astounding! They focus fast and they’re sharp as far as I can see from the camera’s LCD. I wasn’t allowed to take sample images with my camera because they don’t come in Nikon fit yet and the card slot cover has been taped so no go. To be honest, modern lenses do not excite me now. Even manual lenses that were designed lately do not have the same appeal as the older lenses that I regularly feature in our blog. I say “our” because your donations help keep this thing afloat. From paying for the storage, domain to other small administrative overheads. Thank you!

Unlike last year where I prepared numerous videos for you, I now compiled all of my videos into one long one for your enjoyment. I hastily put these together so please don’t mind the editing. Lastly, a warning – my video is sexist; best watched with a few bottles of beer. Do not laugh at my speech as I am multi-tasking and everything isn’t rehearsed or planned as what most people do. This is unfiltered and raw. Pardon the poor audio quality,too. I shot the whole thing on my phone and maybe next year I will use an external mic for this. Now, if you made fun of me then that would kill my confidence and I wouldn’t do videos in the future! Do you want that happening? Well, maybe some people do…

Thanks, everybody! I hope that you liked this. Please also check Nikon Rumors for more new stuff and other updates. See you again and please do share this if you enjoyed it, Ric.

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