My Black and White Photography 1

Hello, everybody! Here are some of my black and white photos that I took some 2-3 years ago. Most of them were shot with film but I believe that less than a handful of them were shot with a DSLR. I rarely ever convert my colour photos to monochrome so I can be sure with this. The film stocks I used were Kodak 400TX, Ilford HP5+ and probably a few were even shot with Kentmere. All were developed with Kodak D-76 as that used to be the only thing available to me here in Tokyo. The photos were mostly shot during my lunch break as I wander through the crowded streets of Shinjuku.


I was trying to do a series with bicycles and here are some of the pictures. Bicycles are a very common sight here in Tokyo and almost everybody owns at least one. It can be hard to make interesting photos of the subject but I tried anyway.

Some more random stuff from my daily sprawl. Shinjuku is full of people and you may be in the impression that taking good photographs is easy here but I will tell you it is not as easy as that. While foot-traffic is indeed heavy, the environment tends to be boring in my part of Shinjuku. The interesting stuff is over at the other side unfortunately. If you want great looking environments that can tell stories easily then Shibuya and Ginza is where you should be looking at. The environment is much more organic there.

I wasn’t really into the whole “street photography” thing. I originally shoot landscapes or travel photography with plenty of bug photography on the side but since being married, I found less opportunities to wander into the countryside or get lost in some old run-down neighborhoods here in Tokyo. Taking pictures of people in the city is the most egalitarian way for me to practice photography and so I gravitated towards that a few years ago. As I get into this, I found that I have and interest in people and what they do. Ric.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. siong
    Mar 08, 2019 @ 04:40:02

    It can be hard, I agree. To capture something interesting while dealing with exposure on one hand and quick moving lunch crowd in harsh noon sun on the other. My favourite one is the 1st: The woman (or man) smoking at the pedestrain crossing. Was it taken with HP5 or Tri-X?


  2. AJ Matsusaka
    Apr 19, 2020 @ 14:43:42

    I have a broken Nikon S.
    Need overhaul.
    How much does it cost me?
    Please let me know please.


  3. Stephen
    Sep 09, 2022 @ 15:19:15

    Thanks for sharing your photos. I think there is an interesting story being told in each of these images. Technically they are very well considered.


  4. Alasdair J Mackintosh
    Dec 25, 2022 @ 21:41:42

    There are some fantastic compositions here. You really managed to find that decisive moment;-)


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