My Colour Photography 1

Here are more photos for my gallery that were taken around 2 years ago up till around last year. Some of the photos were shot with cheap C41 process film and the rest were shot with a Nikon DSLR camera. I take plenty of photos, probably a couple of hundred each year. This is a lot of pictures but if you consider the fact that I take photos almost everyday then this number doesn’t seem too much. I’m slowing down quite a lot lately because “wasting silver” is not practical and with the dwindling supply of that precious metal, this isn’t a good thing to do either.

Observing what people do can be a relaxing activity. Standing at the corner of a street just waiting for something to happen puts me in “the zone” and it has the ability to slow my though process down. You can take it as a form of meditation wherein you drop everything else in your mind and just focus on a single thing.

This is what I usually did before. I look for people who will catch my attention. I will then take a candid photo of them for not a lot of aesthetic reason at all. I did it just because I found what they’re doing and how they interact with each other interesting. It made me feel that I took a slice from their lifetimes and framed it in my image for future generations to see. I understand that these photos do not mean much now but they may become interesting after a couple of decades. It’s like a time capsule of some sort wherein the zeitgeist of a place was frozen in a picture. Now, you may notice that I shot some of the pictures with the lens’ iris wide-open. I did this because I was testing these lenses after I overhauled them. This is to ensure that I did a good job and check if I got the focusing correct or if the elements were seated properly or not. Any problems with the lens will also show in the bokeh. For more details on how I do that, please check this article to understand what I am talking about. Hope this will be helpful to you. Ric.


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