Shopping: Matsuzakaya Camera (Shinagawa)

Hello, everybody! Today, I am going to update my very popular camera shopping series by introducing to you this nice shop that’s a little bit out of the way but is certainly worth visiting. This shop was introduced to me be my friend, Rod. The shop is pretty new, they have been only operating for around a decade but they’ve made a name for themselves. I am one of their regular customers because they have a great inventory and their prices are fair. If you are in Tokyo and you want to go to the Nikon Museum then make a plan to visit Matsuzakaya Camera! I promise you that you won’t be disappointed even if you are just there to look. If you found nothing interesting there then at least you’ve made a new stop-over point for your camera shopping. Good luck shopping at Matsuzakaya Camera!

 IMG_6255This is the scene that will greet you as soon as you enter the door. That person with the maroon-colored jacket is Benjie from Hong Kong. I met him at the shop and we had a bit of talk. Looks like he collects everything. I don’t know if he owns a shop or not.

Matsuzakaya Camera can be reached by foot from JR Shinagawa Station. Just follow the map I shared above and you should be there in 10 minutes. It’s South of the station and just 200m or so South of the Nikon Museum. They are situated at the 4th floor of an office building and their address is 〒140-0001東京都品川区北品川1-14-1 クルーズ八ツ山4F so if you got lost looking for it, just enter the address into your GPS or map application. Their phone number is 03-3458-7401 and their email is They only speak very little English as far as I can tell so please don’t expect them to answer an email in good English or reply to you at all. They accept both cash and credit cards.

Their website is and the stuff they show their is currently at the shop as you can check the date the item was posted. This will save you some travel time. Of course, not everything is posted on the website so if you really want to be sure, I would recommend that you make an effort to head to their shop. They are not available during Sundays and they are open from 10:00AM to 7:00PM according the their website.

IMG_6254The display case to the left of the shop is where most of the good are. You should spend a bit of time inspecting what they have here because they usually have something cheap or good displayed here. This is where Tony Bullock got his Nikkor-UD 20mm F3.5 Auto for a reasonable price because I told him so. I don’t think he paid more than $250.00 for that.

IMG_6256The opposite side has the accessories and other small items within a display case. To the wall are some medium format gear. I don’t recall seeing any Bronica stuff here.

IMG_6257The table at the center of the shop has filters and other trinkets on display. You can find useful stuff here such as the small fittings for you camera and straps of every kind.

IMG_6258Let’s go and inspect the display cases one-by-one! Apart from the Nikons displayed at the lower shelf, I have no interest in the things found here but maybe it’s your thing.

IMG_6262A little something for the Canon photographer. I used to shoot Canon with my Canon T-60 but I went for Nikon when I got into digital and never looked back!

IMG_6261More Canon FD lenses. They were selling for very little money in the early 2000s because everybody wanted to get into EOS. It’s a pity because some FD lenses were pretty good.

IMG_6260Here’s some Olympus gear for you! Olympus cameras were pretty good but they got left behind other manufacturers in the ‘90s and hasn’t really recovered since. The mirrorless cameras are great but it’s just a small fraction of what Olympus used to be like in the ’80s.

IMG_6259Now things are getting more interesting because we are now seeing more Nikon stuff!

IMG_6264Look at that Nikon F4, if you want a cheap working Nikon F4 then this might interest you. That Zoom-Nikkor 70-210mm f/4 AF at the corner looks great. It’s the usual price for that and considering that it looks clean then it’s fair. This is a pretty good lens for the money.

IMG_6265More Nikon stuff! That Tokina 28-70 AT-X PRO looks like it’s clean. They’re lovely lenses, I sold mine about a decade ago and missed it so I got one again recently! Nearby is a great looking Micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 Ai-S. I think this one is a recent model because the new serial numbers have been implemented. Saw some Minolta gear on the lower shelf.

IMG_6266Plenty of nice Nikkors over here! Prices here are pretty reasonable here so I usually buy something here whenever I visit even if it’s just some small trinkets.

IMG_6267Some Nikkor zooms over here. I like visiting this shop because they have lots of Nikkors on display. Prices here are inclusive of VAT. I don’t recall them accepting duty-free so ask first if this possible. Remember, no haggling here! Nobody does that here in Japan.

IMG_6268This is the path going to the workshop and storage. You aren’t allowed to go beyond this point but they will let you if you ask for permission first. This is probably because there are many loose items here and it can be hard to keep an eye on things.

IMG_6269Here’s the area behind the counter. Again, this is totally off-limits but you can ask first if you think you saw something interesting behind the counter. Some of the items here are not yet for sale and are just temporarily stored here before being appraised.

IMG_6253This is what I got from the shop, a Nikkor 85mm f/1.4 Ai-S! I always wanted one but I can’t afford one. This thing is priced reasonably because of some minor flaws. I gave the lens a good overhaul when I got home and it’s now functioning better then ever! I love it a lot!

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