Fundamentals: Screws and Drivers (1/3)

In the previous blog post we have outlined most of the essential tools for the repair and maintenance of classic Nikkors. Now, we will be discussing the best application for these tools so that you will less likely to destroy your lens by stripping a screw head or misaligning your helicoids.

Just like everything else in life you may mess up in your first few projects and that is OK. In my case, I messed up three projects because there is just not a lot of online materials for this and any useful information out there are scattered or can be irrelevant at times. The lack of proper tools when I first started was also a big contributor to my failed projects since I thought that it would be just as simple as fixing your average kitchen appliance. The good thing is, I have managed to fix the failed projects now.

This guide is not going to be organised in any order and I will be updating it from time to time as I find new ways and remember anything that I have done in a previous project or find something in another person’s practice. A good deal has been discussed on the previous post so please refer to that as well and I will try not to repeat anything that can be found there. More