Shopping: Suwa Camera (Shinjuku)

Hello, everybody! After a string of stories about camera shops closing due to the pandemic and other reasons such as the owners being too-old for the business and other things I am happy to announce that a new shop has opened. It’s a good sign since it represents the collective will-power of the whole hobby. I’m happy to introduce this new shop to all of you who truly appreciate old camera equipment as we’re the keepers of this subculture and economy.


Suwa Camera (諏訪写真機) is a small used camera shop in Shinjuku, it’s recently opened its doors somewhere around last year. This is the reason why not a lot of people knew about this shop, including me. I used to work near this place so I’m familiar with area so it wasn’t difficult for me to find this shop.

The shop’s inventory is modest since it’s been in business for not a long time but it does have a nice inventory that will have something interesting for anyone. The price is also reasonable and not too-different from what you will find from other shops.

You can find the shop by this address 〒160-0022 Tokyo, Shinjuku City, Shinjuku, 1 Chome−2−11 or by the map I have below. The shop is nearby Shinjuku-Gaien’s (a huge garden) northeastern gate.

Click on this link to reach their site, you can check their inventory through that site. Due to the pandemic the operation times vary so it’s best to check their site and twitter account for schedules.

This is a photo from the outside of the shop, it’s basically above an Italian restaurant, you go-up the stairs to the left of building and head to the 2nd floor.

They have a few rolls of film available which are priced reasonably.

The merchandise are organized according to brand and type which I find very convenient. This is the Canon display, it goes without saying that I skipped this part of the shop.

This is the Pentax, Olympus, etcetera side. The price of the stuff shown in this display appear reasonable, I even bought something from this display which you’ll see later.

This is the best part of the shop, the Nikon side. Despite being a tiny shop it has a good selection of Nikon gear. There are things from several decades ago and some recent products in this display.

(Click to enlarge)

Here’s a closer-look at what’s here in the Nikon display. There’s something for every Nikon collector here, there’s a few stuff that I’d like to purchase in the future.

You’ll find some film-era gear in this display, let’s have a look.

Here’s some Nikon-related stuff.

This is a bargain, I think the included lens is the legendary Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm f/2. It’s likely that the meter doesn’t work, most Contarex will require replacing the selenium cells with fresh ones; that’s fortunate if you could fine any.

Here are the other film-era cameras.

Of course, it has an area dedicated to junks!

And this is what I bought from the junk corner, a broken AI AF-S Zoom Nikkor ED 28-70mm F2.8D (IF). I’ll sell the small Olympus E-P1 since I am not interested in the M4/3 format.

It’s refreshing to see new shops open, it’s been the norm these days to hear about shops closing so a new one opening is something to be happy with. Let’s support this little shop since it represents a new beginning in the used camera and lenses business. Check their site and see what they have.

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6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sudipta Sen
    Apr 29, 2021 @ 05:57:09

    Hi Ric,

    Greetings from far away Texas. Your review of this new shop is quite encouraging. I was feeling very sad that ALPS-DO camera shop closed down. It was my favorite . But, this new shop is a bright ray of hope. Thank you for the wonderful and sensitive coverage of this store.

    Thank you for your help

    Sudipta Sen
    Texas, USA


  2. Chris
    Apr 29, 2021 @ 08:39:46

    What a beautiful little shop, this type of shop is virtually extinct now in the UK full of 2nd hand bargains, Japan is awash with lovely camera shops like this simply because they’ve made virtually everything on display and consequently the whole country is awash with cameras and lenses unlike European Countries!!


  3. John
    Apr 29, 2021 @ 08:57:20

    Wonderful news Richard! Thanks for sharing this. Gosh, I wonder what overhead costs a shop faces in the Shinjuku area, it must be pretty steep. Are you going to take a whack at fixing that 28-70/2.8D lens you picked up?


  4. retrocrankr
    Apr 29, 2021 @ 10:53:44

    Cool camera shop. But a question about the restaurant. There is a Carrozza restaurant in Piacenza IT, otherwise I’ve never seen a restaurant by that name (although NYC has a sandwich they call a Carrozza). I’ve encountered same-name restaurants in two countries owned by expat family members before, so was wondering if this Carrozza is run by Italians and if so, from PC?


  5. Matt Stone
    Apr 29, 2021 @ 22:50:45

    Hey Ric, this is encouraging news… especially after the demise of Alps Do. I’ll pay a visit next time we’re allowed to visit Tokyo from Australia. I’m also very curious about the restaurant. What’s the food like? And I love the horseshoe!


  6. Teddy
    Apr 30, 2021 @ 20:24:22

    hello Richard, Teddy here. Always great to learn more about Nikkors! So you got yourself a AFS 28-80f2.8! Love that lens. Had mine for years but it recently refused any further AF service (who needs AF anyway right). But it’s also way over my head in repairing it, as Nikon eloquently put it, but also refused any servicing of one of their top life-time lenses which should not fail after only 15 years. I understand Nikon seems to be in trouble. Nevertheless it’s still in use -manually- if I find any film (HP5) also on my F2AS and F3 (looks amazing). Until such time I might think of replacing it’s SWM and contacts. Wishful thinking, surely. Here in Belgium Holland Germany (France) no one good enough for the job to be found.
    Thanks for your tip on the Hawed sewing needle ‘fork’ -I use syringes.
    Well for now, greetings,


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