Shopping: Nisshin Camera (Akihabara)

Hello, everybody! I am going to introduce to you one of the shops that helped me begin my repair adventure. I bought a Micro-Nikkor-P 55mm f/3.5 Auto from their junk shop and the shopkeeper told me to just repair it. Since I had plenty of time then and knowhow from my previous hobbies and profession I took a stab at it. That is one of the reasons why I started this blog.


Nisshin Camera (にっしんカメラ) is an institution in Akihabara, it’s operating for decades and is one of the best shops in this side of Tokyo. I rarely visit this shop since it’s a bit inconvenient for me but I would come here every time I am in the area.

This is the shopfront, it’s difficult-to-miss, specially with that big Fujifilm sign. It looks small from the outside but you’re going to spend plenty of time inside because their inventory is quite good despite the small location. There used to be another shop some 30m away which only sold junks but that shop closed a few years ago.

Go to and see what they have. They sell used and new equipment which you can easily browse in their website. I don’t know how often they update it but it looks like it’s maintained regularly. The quality of what they have seem to be quite good since they do their own maintenance as well if I am not mistaken. Pricing is reasonable, it isn’t the cheapest around but it’s not expensive specially if you consider the condition of their merchandise.

Their address is 〒101-0033 Tokyo, Chiyoda City, Kanda Iwamotocho, 1-13 秋葉原 清新ビル 1F and it’s easy-to-access via the subway. They’re open from 11:00-19:00 but you should contact them first to be sure.

Iwamotocho Station is the closest subway station, just leave from the A6 exit and you should get there easily. If you are coming from Akihabara Station the best landmark is the bridge which you’ll never miss.

One of the reasons why I like this shop is they have a good selection of Nikon products and their prices are reasonable.

Fans of Pentax will have plenty of things to ogle-at, too. There’s a lone Mamiya, a Sigma FP and some Fujifilms here as well.

Lovers of lens-shutter film cameras will be happy to see what they have here on display. They also have some compact cameras here and some Trinitrons.

They have a decent collection of Zeiss, Leicas and cameras from other brands here. The Barnacks are priced reasonably, something that I won’t object to given the quality of their stuff.

This is where medium-format cameras and lenses are stored. The prices appear to be quite good, I am not familiar with these but they seem to be priced lower than what I see at other shops.

They also have this, I won’t waste a minute of my life here.

Let’s head over to the center. You’ll see some Nikons and Nikkors here along with some other equipment. The quality is rather nice in general, there are no beaters here.

People who love Pentax will definitely find something, here. I should know, I bought a Takumar that day. I was told that the Pentax Spotmatic at the top was CLA’d. It did appear to fire correctly when I tested it and I was told that the meter is working, too.

There are many other things here, too. Most of their rangefinder-related stuff are stored here apart from the Zeiss and Leica stuff.

Of course, it won’t be a complete camera shop without a junk-corner. Despite being labeled as junks most of what you will see here are in decent condition, some appear to work properly even. There are 2 baskets full of Soviet stuff, if you collect these then maybe you’ll find something here. They used to have another locations selling only junks, it’s closed for a few years now which is quite sad since I enjoyed going there.

There are more things in this corner, let’s have a look.

They have a decent selection here, the prices are regulated so their prices aren’t too different from what you will see at other shops. That’s just how things work here, I call it the “film union”.

What’s this? I bought a roll to see what this thing is all about. Read my article about this film to see what sort of photos it creates.

I hope you’ve enjoyed our trip to one of the city’s better camera shops. It’s a nice place and the staff are friendly. They are also knowledgeable and you can ask questions there or just talk about cameras. This is a lifestyle, it’s more than a hobby for some people and this shop has served us all well through the years.

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