Shopping: Ciné Monde (Montreal)

Bonjour tout le monde! This is my first article for a shop outside of Japan. I certainly miss shopping at the amazing shops and huge department stores of Japan so I was happy to find a shop that sells used photography equipment. Of course, the shops here will not surpass the quality of what you will see in Japan but this one is close enough. Please join me as I introduce to you one of the more established businesses in town, servicing the community since 1999.


Ciné Monde is a not-so-little shop located in a very hip part of town. It’s operated by Mike, who is somewhat of a celebrity among the local photographers. It’s one of the few camera shops in this part of the province and I was told that the items here move fast. I saw what they have and it’s decent compared to what I see in Japan, there are some interesting and rare stuff here, too.

This is the front of the shop. It’s hard to miss this place if you are walking but it may elude you when you’re driving because they do not have a big sign outside facing the traffic.

The place is a one-man-operation, the person inside (Mike) is multilingual and he is rather knowledgeable in most things related to his business. He is a Nikon lover, too. You can spend a lot of time talking to him about photography, you’ll know if someone loves what he does simply by how passionate a person. It’s also remarkable how he had survived the pandemic, keeping the shop open in those times wasn’t easy, this just shows how dedicated he is to the community.

The address is 4518 Rue Saint-Denis, Montreal, QC, Canada, Quebec, which you can easily find with the map above. You can call them at 1-514-543 8600 for more information, they are open everyday but you want to be sure about their times. Alternatively you can also go to their website or at their facebook page instead. They have a shop at that big online auction place, too. Search for their name and you should get there.

This is what will greet you once you’ve entered the shop. There are plenty of things to look at here. I am impressed by the selection of film he has, it is certainly of the better-stocked shops that I have been to here, more comprehensive even when compared to the bigger photography shops that I’ve been to so far, the guy even has 8mm film.

Here’s a closer look at the front case, not only does it contain films of various stocks but also some interesting things, too.

Here’s some interesting posters that remind me of the long time I’ve spent living in Japan.

There are tripods and other equipment on display at the opposite side of the wall.

The first stand contains an assortment of things, popular cameras that kids are looking for these days.

The wall at the back is full of cameras, too.

There’s a couple of flashguns here but I am interested to see what that Sekonic box contains.

Go deeper into the shop and you will find more interesting stuff, some rare.

Here’s an “Apollo“, basically just a late black Nikon F.

There’s a lot of lenses from various manufacturers in this case.

Here’s a closer view of the stand.

And here’s the other side.

There’s some medium format cameras here. I was really interested in a Hasselblad that I saw here.

Opposite to where we were before is a display case full of curious things, let’s have a closer look.

I found this beauty in the display case. It’s being sold for a reasonable price. If you are interested please contact them.

That’s it for this article and I hope you liked this article. As you know, one of the main goals of this site is to promote photography and the use of film, along with that I am also advocating for buying from your local brick-and-mortar shops. These are places that help preserve the culture of photography. Back in the day, we would hangout at these shops and meet people, that was how places like these become an important part of the community. Now that we have social media these places start to lose a bit of meaning but they are still here serving the community and it is our duty to keep these shops going for as long as they could so that the next generation of photographers will experience how it is to actually hangout and talk to people with the same interest face-to-face. It’s something that I see less often but I was happy to find that this place helps keep the passion alive.

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  1. Philippe Pernot
    May 20, 2023 @ 21:57:27

    Hi Richard when I saw the picture of the shop with the name of the store in French I thought you were in Paris !!! What a disappointment… you were in Canada so too far from me (I live in France) :(. But I promise if I visit Montreal one day I will go there :). Last point the Contarex at the end is beautiful but the 25 and the 85mm are sublime !!! Keep us aware of new servicing you are a magician for us !!


  2. JOHN.
    May 21, 2023 @ 15:37:06



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