Repair: Auto-Nikkor-P.C. 105mm f/2.5

Oh, the seasons are changing. We are now entering mid-Spring and the weather here in Tokyo is beginning to get warmer and more humid but it is still relatively cool specially if you compare it to the punishingly hot summers here in Tokyo. This transitional weather is making me sick and I have another gout attack again so quality of life has gone down a bit. Speaking of transitional, I am going to show you a very important transitional lens in this week’s article so please stay and read along.


We re going to continue with our series on the 105/2.5 family of lenses and the next one’s the successor to the previous one that we discussed last month. This one came with new coatings and hence it’s called Auto-Nikkor-P.C. 105mm f/2.5! The “C” stands for “coated” so Nikon’s marketing is simply reminding you that this lens is different and that you should buy it in case your lens is not coated. Sarcasm aside, this is an awesome lens and I shoot with this lens quite often because of the unique look that it gives to my pictures.

IMG_2369This lens came to me in a rough state but the glass was clean so I did not bother to open the objective up to clean it as it would be pointless. Looks like a pro used this lens as you can see from the wear but that is no problem at all, in fact the wear made it unique.



First Look: Nikon D7500

Hello, everybody! I just had a quick look at Nikon’s D7500, their latest camera replacing the the D7200. Please check out my video below and see what you think.

I decide to make a video this time since it is better to present this in that format. Reading commentaries won’t be as good as watching a video for something like this.

By the way, I mistook Qc mode for Ch mode! That was very stupid of me, this is what is going to happen when you shot with film cameras for too long! I’m not going to bore you further more. See you next time, Ric.


Repair: Auto-Nikkor-P 105mm f/2.5

Hello, everybody! I am currently very tired and stressed from work and all this repairs and camera blogging thing that is a huge part of my life. We all strive to perfect ourselves with practice and research. Nobody is born a master and we must all pass through these hardships in order to reach our goal. While we can argue that nothing is perfect, we can all agree that there are many in our universe which we can consider to be near-perfect. I know of one Nikkor lens family that can claim to be near perfect and that is our subject this week on this blog, a lens family so perfect that it has become a timeless classic!


Today, I am going to introduce to you the amazing Auto-NIkkor-P 105mm f/2.5 lens! This lens is spectacular and it is one of my favourite lenses! I do not know why it took me so long to write this article. One reader messaged me requesting for an article to guide him on how to fix his lens (a later one) and clean the oily iris. While this is not the same lens for that, I feel that I need to write about this before we go to that particular lens so it will make things easier to read and comprehend for our viewers who aren’t familiar with the 105/2.5 lens family.

IMG_0733Look at that beautiful piece of optical glass! This is one of the legendary Nikkors of old so if you are into collecting Nikkors then I assume that you already own of these lenses in your collection! If not, then you should go out and buy one!


Report: Nikon 100th Anniversary (Part 1)

Hello, everybody! I am going to start a new series today about Nikon’s centenary! Unlike most of my readers, I am living here in Tokyo where most of the actions is and I am able to go to places and attend events that will otherwise be inconvenient or impossible for some of you to experience. I do care about my readers a lot so I am making extra efforts to present these to you in my blog.

There are few companies that stay in business after 20 years and there are even less of that amount for those that will see their 50th year in business. Nikon is celebrating its 100th anniversary this 2017 and it is a very special once in a lifetime event for many of us who follow everything Nikon!


Repair: Camera Foam Seals

Hello, everybody! The weather is starting to get warm here in Tokyo and I have plenty of backlog that I need to fix! These do not only consist of my own gear but also from friends who’s lenses need fixing. I have to slow down in the colder months so I’m really going to be busy in the coming months!

One of the things that I had to fix is my Nikkormat. Yes, another damn Nikkormat! I hated working on these cameras but it can’t be helped because I really love them a lot. I usually get these from the junk boxes and so they need plenty of cleaning before I can use them. They would usually need a thorough cleaning and have all of their corroded foam seals replaced. This week, I will show you the easiest way I know. This technique is popular in Japan due to it’s simplicity and I take it that the manufacturers used this method,too.

IMG_3744Here are some of the tools that we need! Be sure you are comfortable with using a sharp knife; a steady pair of hands is also essential. More

Repair: W-Nikkor 3.5cm f/3.5

Hello, everybody! Nice Spring day we have today! It’s a great time to go to the park with my family to enjoy sakura trees in full-bloom! Having a great time doesn’t always have to be expensive. I enjoy fried SPAM and eggs, to me that is comfort food. The same also goes to camera gear and some of the cheapest lenses pack a lot of fun with them as you’ll soon see on this article’s feature lens.


Today, we are going to talk about the W-Nikkor 3.5cm f3.5 lens! This is a gem of a lens, it’s small and unobtrusive so your subjects will not be intimidated when you shoot them. It’s also the most affordable 35mm lens as far as Nikon S-mount lenses go. It’s pricier cousins go for almost double the running price for one of these and for that price, you get an f/2.5 or f/1.8 upgrade. Those do not really matter much to me and how I use this lens so I am more than happy with this. I did pay a little premium because I got the older version but that’s just me! This lens has a very special place in every Nikon aficionado’s collection as it is a historically important lens and a good everyday-carry lens for general shooting.

IMG_3584The lens looks odd with the aperture ring as a serrated cog in the front and the numbers are engraved in an inconvenient place but it is all-OK once you’ve got the hang of it. More

Repair: Nikon Bayonet Screws (Video)

Hello, Everybody! Spring is here! It is definitely getting warmer and while that is definitely good news, the bad news is hay fever is also in season! I suffer from hay fever just like many people living here in Japan. While we are on the topic of suffering and agony, I would I am going to discuss something today that affects many, if not all people who try to work with Japanese lenses when they started and many get frustrated by this and simply quit.

IMG_1483Invest on a pair of really good JIS screwdrivers! I always mention this but people keep on forgetting. You won’t need anything fancy, just buy the right screwdrivers! VESSEL only! More

Repair: Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2

What’s up, everybody? I am loving the weather now because Spring is nearly here! Here in Japan, we will celebrate the Spring Equinox next week. I’m sure glad that the seasons come and go every year. Speaking of cycles, there are times when I would service a lens and feel I have worked on something similar to it before. This is one of those, read on.


I would like to introduce to you the Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2 lens! If that sounded familiar to you long-time readers it is because this is the predecessor of the New-Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens that we have tackled a little more than a year ago. This lens is mostly the same as its successor optically but the focusing unit (lens barrel) is of the earlier Auto-Nikkor era look. The focusing distance has been improved by a little bit on the newer lens and some curvature, spacing and Roland Vink even suspected that the materials for the glass might even be improved. These are minor updates so for all intents and purposes you can think of these lenses as similar optically. I personally prefer the vintage look and the all-metal construction of this lens. I was looking for something similar to this lens but with the Ai update but I have different sets of priorities now so I will forget about hunting for this lens for now.

img_2697Here is the Nikkor-S.C 55mm f/1.2 together with the New-Nikkor 55mm f/1.2 lens. You can say that the later lens is simply a cosmetic update of the earlier one and I would agree with you on that observation. They both handle the same, which is excellent.

Repair: Nikon S2 Front Overhaul

Hi, my beautiful readers! I was considering skipping this weekend so I can rest and since I did a report on CP+ 2017 last week I felt that I can wait for next week until I publish a lens teardown that I am currently writing. I do listen to my readers and friends and there was a considerable interest on the subject of this week’s article so I decided to write this instead and publish it this weekend. You guys know how much you mean to me so I can’t object.


Remember that I mentioned in my CP+ 2017 post that I almost got a Nikon rangefinder but I lost the chance to get one because somebody beat me to it and I was hesitating? Well, that is probably a good thing because I got a Nikon S2 that was fated to end up with me for the rest of my life! I walked past this camera for days in the bazaar, I always looked at it and I felt as if it was beckoning me to take her home and I felt a weird attachment to it. Imagine that this camera was mine in my previous life and it found it’s way back to me for a CLA in my present life. That’s probably a better story than “Somewhere in Time”, would you agree?

img_3490What a lovely little camera and it came with the standard Nikkor-H 5cm f2 lens. It has a “C” engraved on it denoting that it was coated with ancient lens coating technology that isn’t up to snuff compared to current ones but that was a big deal in the olden days. This lens is sharp and has acquired a good reputation but that belongs to another write-up! More

CP+ 2017

Hello, everybody! I took a leave from work today to cover CP+ 2017 for my readers. I had to wake up early today because CP+ 2017 also coincides with the used camera bazaar by ICS in Ginza. I went there first and then quickly made my way to Yokohama for CP+ 2017. If you’ve been following me for more than a year, you will remember that I covered CP+ 2016 of last year. What’s new this year? Well, nothing much to be honest. It looks and feels the same every single year. This is Japan’s version of Photokina wherein new products are showed to the public and international brands come to Japan to sell theirs here. There are plenty of newcomers but it usually consists of the usual big boys in the Japanese camera industry.

img_3413Nikon’s booth is yellow as usual. There’s nothing new in terms of layout and I hope they’ll change that next year so that we’ll see something new next time in terms of presentation and activities. Nikon has been very conservative all this time and that attitude has allowed others to leapfrog them in many things. More

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